Coming Out

A New Beginning

New Begining

It’s with great excitement today that I am officially informing people professionally that I am transgender.

As part of the transition process I am in the process of changing my name and from this point forward I will be going by the name Autumn and surname Hulme and adopting feminine pronouns she/her/hers.

Today happens to be International Transgender Day of Visibility. Over the last decade, transgender people have made incredible strides in attaining civil rights. The most significant of which is the right to be who one is and to exist publicly. As such it felt like an appropriate day to publicly announce my transition.

I also should acknowledge the privilege that lets me be visible, be vulnerable without too much fear of repercussion. There are too many transgender people out there, who for their safety must be in the closet. It’s for them that visibility matters to scream “You’re not alone,” at the top of our lungs.