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Pride Matters

Taking over public space for a day or more to celebrate love and acceptance is something that needs to happen everywhere.

This is not about politics or which political quadrant you fall into (The political ‘left/right’ binary is as stupid and inaccurate as the gender one), this is an existence for, literally, millions of Canadians.

Queer Pride

Yet, we (the collective social, national ‘we’) continue to allow and protect speech and people who say things like homosexuality is immoral, or transgender and gender variant people are either mentally ill and or pretending/lying.

Homosexuality is not a ‘moral’ issue – treating it as such vilifies millions of people.
Dismissing the existence of gender variant and transgender people prejudices and systemically marginalizes millions of people.

Until as a society we move past arguing about the ‘morality’ and ‘existence’ of queer people we will need pride. It needs to be everywhere from the cities to our smallest far-flung rural communities, and they need to be loud and very fucking colourful.