Over the last few days, I have been about a degree away from boiling over.

I’m tired, I’m emotionally exhausted and yet still filled with rage over the recent revelations in the New York Times regarding the US Government’s memo detailing plans to erase trans and intersex people, and to genetically screen some Americans.

Legal protections can be given by a government, they can also be taken away.

What the US has proposed is the most comprehensive attack on trans people by a liberal democracy in my lifetime. A big part of it is politics, this will play well with part of the Republican’s base, midterms are in two weeks, and that part really makes me sick.

I’m sick of trans rights being used a stump point and wedge issue for party politics.

While #wontbeerased shows that trans people are ready to resist this, the reality is governments can erase us, they can kill us and the extreme right-wing has a weirdly intense hatred for trans people. I’ve seen it in Canadian politics, I worry about people with those views gaining a foothold in mainstream Canadian politics.

Alberta and Canada have elections in the next 12 months and I am already dreading it. Both the centrist and left-leaning parties, federally and provincially, have declared support for LGBTQ+ rights in their platforms, the right-leaning parties do not or use extremely vague language. The man running to be premier of Alberta is already on the record voting against gay marriage and federal protections for transgender Canadians.

The news out of the United States will inflame those elements within Canadian politics, I’m already exhausted thinking about it.

What the US has proposed is the first step on a road that ends in genocide. There are a lot of hurdles and realistically this plan will not succeed. What makes me sick with rage is that they were willing to walk this path in the first place.

I feel sick with worry about how this will impact discourse in Canada, I’m sick with worry over the almost 2 million Americans whose lives are in such flux, I’m sick of the hatred.

This week I am angry, angry because trans people deserve better than to be a political football. Angry because our lives are seen as disposable. Angry because within the political right in Canada there is a will to do the same thing. Angry because the safety of so many hangs by a fucking thread.

I’m so fucking tired of our existence being a matter for debate.