How did you know you were transgender?

I just knew… it was difficult to put words to but I was aware that I was assigned the wrong gender shortly before the onset of puberty. (Read More)

Are you going to legally change your name?

I already have! (Read More)

So you used to be a boy?

No. When I was born a doctor looked at my genitals and said I was a boy, my parents and society attempted to assign certain values and attitudes based on that incorrect diagnosis. Transitioning is really correcting an error made at birth.

Are you a Lesbian?

No, I’m bisexual, however, that has nothing to do with being transgender. (Read More)

God doesn’t approve.

Firstly that isn’t a question it’s a statement. Secondly, if humanity is made in God’s image and transgender people exist then we too are a form of the divine. Simple logic, I exist therefore I am.

I don’t agree with that lifestyle or transgenders.

Again not a question. Also not a valid statement – transgender is neither a noun nor a lifestyle it is an adjective for a segment of the population. Disagreeing with it means denying the existence of those individuals but since you can’t deny the existence of something that exists – the point is moot.

Are you mentally ill?

Yes – but not because I’m transgender. (Read More)

What is Coming Out of the Closet Like?

Exhilarating and occasionally terrifying, coming out as a transgender woman has left me feeling unburdened. (Read More)

Are you on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Yes, I started in October 2017 after more than a year of hoop-jumping. (Read More)

Are You Angry?

Yes, the answer requires more than one or two lines to explain though… (Read More)

How did you come out and transition in the workplace?

The short answer is to pick a date, talk to your boss then tell everyone. For the entire explanation… (Read More)

How do you reconcile the aspects of your life before transition with life after?

It’s not easy and it’s done on a case-by-case basis. For some specific examples… (Read More)

Have you changed your birth certificate?

Yep! It was an involved process… (Read More)

Are you going to get surgery!

Yep, yep, yep! (Read More)

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